Notice the taste difference with fresh fruit straight off the tree

The Dandenong Ranges is renown for it perfect Farm Gate experiences. The high rain fall of the Mount Dandenong area and rich, fertile mountain soil, gives growers the highest quality produce. It is also the reason that the area has some of the most desirable gardens in Australia and is home to rainforest gullies not seen in the valley or plains.

The orchards in the area are family run and grow some 350 varieties of fruit and also nuts such as chestnuts. You’ll find the produce from these growers at most of the local farmer’s markets, but what is more fun is visiting the farm’s and picking your own fruit and nuts.

To complete your farm gate experience, most farms have shops selling a range of fruit products including fresh jams, chutneys and juices. At Rayner's Orchard you’ll also find Fruit Bottling Workshops and Tractor Tours around the orchards.

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