Celebrating Winter Solstice and New Beginnings

The annual Belgrave Lantern Parade is a highlight in the local event calendar, with thousands of hills residents marching their lanterns, small and big, up and down the main street. It marks the midst of winter in our cycle of season, but most importantly it heralds the turning point and the new beginnings as we turn toward Spring and the blossoms of the Hills that are just around the corner. We welcome everyone, far and wide to join us for a fun evening of street performers, food stalls and community fun.

If you'd like to join the parade, we'd love you to start thinking about how you'll be lighting the way. It is a request that participants carry a lantern or be illuminated with the winter solstice theme if they are to walk in the parade.

Make your own Lantern for the Parade

There will be a whole range of Lantern Making Workshops on weekends and some Thursday's at Belgrave Library from Mid May leading up to June 22nd. Bookings are essential. Big Lanterns and Group Lanterns - Please get in touch if your group would like to book an artist to assist you in getting your new creation underway. Also let us know if your group has a special idea about participating in the parade ~ we'd love to hear from you.

Lantern Making Workshop: $10 and $25 Options

We will make a variety of lanterns including small bottle lanterns suitable for children and the beautiful pyramid style lanterns. Individual decoration transforms these lanterns into your own work of art. These lanterns are stylish in their simplicity, and being candle powered, capture the beauty of a real handmade lantern.

Advanced Lantern Making Workshop: Starts at $35

We will be making lanterns to a higher level of complexity, they take longer and demand more from you, but are superbly satisfying to make. What has your imagination desired to make? but you just need a bit of guidance to achieve. If you'd like to stretch your lantern making skills to the next level this is the workshop for you. Numbers will be limited. Bring images/drawings to assist with visualising your ideas.

Workshop Information and Bookings: [email protected] or Belgrave Library on 9800 6489.