Rayners Orchard

Rayners Orchard Rayners Orchard Rayners Orchard Rayners Orchard Rayners Orchard Rayners Orchard Rayners Orchard Rayners Orchard Rayners Orchard Rayners Orchard

A boutique fruit orchard with fruit for picking tours every day of the year

Rayner’s Orchard are a boutique fruit orchard in the Yarra Valley that grows over 350 varieties of fruit including peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots, tamarillo, pomegranate, persimmon, pepino, feijoa, guava, kiwi fruit, dutch medlar and various citrus throughout winter.

Tractor Fruit Picking Tours

Jump on the tractor and let our Fruit Adventure Tour take you around the orchard with an expert guide. You’ll learn about our farming practices and discover what real fruit tastes like. Rayner’s is one of the leading u pick farms in Melbourne. Please note our farm is different from any other fruit farm that offers U Pick – due to the large quantity of fruit varieties on our farm, you need to take a fruit tasting tour with one of our farm guides, in order to find the trees with fruit ready for picking & tasting! U Pick is therefore not available without taking the Fruit Tasting Adventure Tour. Tours run daily 9am - 4pm, weather permitting.

Fruit Bottling Workshops

Come in today and bottle your own fruit to take home and enjoy! Book in for a Fruit Bottling Workshop where you learn to bottle your own fruit under the guidance of our friendly staff. You can bottle up your own unique fruit combination or fill some bottles up with traditional fruit flavours. We bottle our fruit using Fowlers Vacola equipment, and also stock preserving kits, food dehydrators and other bottling equipment here in our shop for purchase! Why not do the Bottling Workshop then purchase a Fowlers Vacola Preserving Kit to take home and bottle some more!

Peach Café

Our Yarra Valley Café serves a large range of delicious farm-style food. All products are freshly made with local and Australian produce. Our desserts feature delicious fruit grown on our farm. Try our delicious home made pies and quiches – available all year round.

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