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"Believing that Nature offers the best remedies naturally"

Welcome to Soap Opera Soaps - 100% Natural Naturopathically formulated handmade soaps, luxurious skin creations and pure essential oils for body, mind and soul.

As a qualified Naturopath, I have been involved in natural therapies for twenty years and have treated many different ailments all of which I believe can be alleviated or eliminated with a healthy natural diet, lifestyle and a positive attitude. With today's environmental issues it is difficult to know what is beneficial or detrimental to ourselves and our children.

There are many creams, lotions, hydrating liquids, perfumes, deodorants and soaps that can cause irritation, dryness and flaking. All these can be signs of early aging. Most cosmetics are chemical and alcohol based that can dry the skin and cause irritation to sensitive individuals.

Our products are 100% pure and natural as only pure essential oils, olive oils and herbs are used to clean, moisturise and scent your body without drying your skin, leaving it smooth and freshened. By using the pure natural range we offer at Soap Opera Soaps and avoiding abrasive products that wash away natural body oils, you will discover the benefits that so many people enjoy. Visit our shop in Olinda and trial our products or shop online.

James Sukroo ND

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